Stop Paying Extra On Your Credit Card; Why You Need to Budget.

So, you are doing pretty good with money, yeah?   You get extra points on your credit card to save on airfare?   That’s great.       (Think “Office Space” on that one.)    So, I was helping a little old man from the Deep South* out a couple days ago.      He is a proud man, reminds me of my grandpa.       Hard-working, doesn’t take anything from anyone, and is       proud that he has paid everything, on-time, his entire life.    Except for one little difference; my grandpa taught me that Credit Cards are the devil       I know; it’s a little extreme and may turn some people off.       (Oh, look, I can see you stopped reading….)    I was coaching this man through a tough patch in life. When we first started talking he said he’s getting by every month: he has food on the table and pays all his bills - even pays extra on each of his four credit cards and his car note.  He said: “I’m making it; by the skin of my teeth, but I'm making it.”  When I asked if he had a budget he said:      

On Getting Fired, BattleBlog Post 001

So, it happened.  (like 2 years ago).  I got fired.  I’m slow to accept things sometimes; and apparently slow to admit it as well.  It sucked; the life right out of me. (Semicolon intentional) But, you know what? It was the best thing that ever happened to me.  (Well, getting married and having kids are probably the best things that  ever happened to me. But, you get                                                                  it. Getting fired was like fourth or fifth best but that doesn’t sound as impressive does it…)    Over the past two years I spent a lot of time figuring out what I wanted to do - I tried some things that failed, I did some gig-work that sucked, and I came to the realization for work purposes  that I like two things: people’s money.  … Wow, that came out wrong…. (Slow read the next three words…)    While technically true; that is NOT what I’m going for. I like people - I like helping them. But, I’m an introvert so it’s a huge Catch-22 for me. I am really good